Dog Car Seat

Dog Car Seat - Dog Car Harness - Dog Safety Car Seat

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Dog Car Seat

Do you need to keep your dog safe in your car? Look no further than our safety car seat, designed to give you peace of mind and your dog comfort on its travels. Our Easy To Install car seat fits most cars & SUVs and are extremely easy to install with quick releasing clips. Not only is it designed for safety, it also looks great and stylish coming in a range of colours. Give your dog the best!



Key Features: 

  • Zippered storage pockets for the dog essentials
  • Quick and easy instillation
  • Safe and secure
  • Perfect for holding small/medium sized dogs
  • Tough quick-release snap buckles as well adjustable interior tether
  • Washable construction folds away for easy storage
  • Sturdy floor and padded backing offering maximum comfort.