Dog Splash Sprinkler Pad

Dog Splash Sprinkler Pad - Dog Paddling Pool - Dog Splash Pad

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Dog Splash Sprinkler Pad

We all know our dogs love to play with water. So this summer treat your furry friend to our water fountain play pad. Our safe and durable inflatable pad can provide your dog with hours of wet fun. 

Each fountain mat is safe and environmentally friendly. All outer layers are made from thickened PVC materials, which makes them harder to tear meaning for a longer lasting life. Every pad is around 100cm or 150cm in diameter, so a great size for all pets. As an owner you can watch for hours on end at your dog having a great time in the water. Connect your water pipe to enable the sprinkler effect and watch your dog play in the showers.


Instructions for Use: 

Please ensure your dogs nails are trimmed/cut before use. Although the pool is durable, sharp objects will break the surface and deflate it.